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 Valla Kesardis

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PostSubject: Valla Kesardis   Valla Kesardis Icon_minitimeSat Sep 07, 2019 4:36 pm

Player ID: Pink Cat


Character name: Valla Kesardis
Race: Felirian(Feline humanoid)
Age: 25, lost count by the point of Legacy.
Gender: Intersex, female gender
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Medium?
Appearance: An anthropomorphic feline, with grey and white fur and orange eyes. Has long white hair on her head with her feline ears poking out, and has a catlike tail. Hands and feet are human-ish, though have retractable claws instead of nails. Large breasted, as my characters often are.
Strengths: Superhuman agility and reflexes, minor psychic powers(That she mostly thinks is luck(subconsciously redirecting lethal shots occasionally) and being able to read people easily(telepathy). Has no direct control over these.). Chronological immortality due to contact with a lost artifact.
Weaknesses: Not exactly a weakness, but aside from old age she's very much killable. Can be distracted easily on occasion.
Likes/Dislikes: Shiny objects, domesticated cats, cute things/the Federation, law enforcement types in general.
Known Languages: Galactic basic, Felirian, Space Pirate


Faction/Organization: Dead Echo
Alignment: Neutral Good


Sexuality: Pansexual
Equipment: Two energy blasters with bayonets, an energy sword. Nearly skintight flight suit.


Character History: Valla has traveled across the galaxy for a good amount of time, going on lots of weird adventures. One of which she went on with a Raisa she met, which led to her becoming accidentally ageless, though she wasn't aware of it until much later. She wandered the galaxy, working as a sort of mercenary and smuggler type, often getting in fights with the Federation and Space Pirates while also just looking for relics for fun. Until she eventually got hired by a mercenary group called Dead Echo. Using her piloting skills, she often used a starfighter, along with doing general exploration and mining for them.

-Battle suit-
Suit Name:
Suit Type: Armored flight suit
Weaponry: None
Shielding: Light shielding
Other: The full form of her flight suit that can be brought up at will used for emergencies, the armored bits, tail cover and helmet materialize when needed.
Image: Image

Ship Name: Cat's Claw
Ship Type: Starfighter
Weapon Systems: Two blasters, proton missile launchers, and a bomb launcher.
Registered to the Name of: Valla Kesardis

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Valla Kesardis
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