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 Kip Goggins

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PostSubject: Kip Goggins   Kip Goggins Icon_minitimeWed Jul 08, 2009 11:47 pm

Player ID: The Doctor
Character name: Kip Goggins
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140
Appearance: Kip Goggins Obiwan2
Him in his Bathrobe. ((Too lazy to write!))
Faction/Organization: N/A
Alignment: Good
Personality: With newly met people, Kip is mostly cautious and wary, but will provide assistance in certain situations. When meeting innocent, defenseless people in dangerous situations, he does his best to ensure that families are kept together and alive. Almost cold with most, he hates people who refuse to accept the truth of things, and others who use people for their own dark desires. Even though he seems cold, he has a kind heart and cares for people who need caring for. Also has a quirky side and can have random moments completely unrelated to important topics. Great at killing conversations.
Strengths: Piloting, Ranged and Melee Weapons, Inventing, Macgyvering, Martial Arts, Mechanic/Ship Builder
Weaknesses: KRYPTONITE(wait, no! Wrong series!) Bad food, Right Wing Nut jobs, Nuclear Radiation
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Science Fiction, 21st-19th Century Earth history/culture
Other: Thinks churches float.
Equipment: Kull Suit, Plasma swords,
Character History: Born on Norion, Kip grew up disliking the Federation for experimenting on his father. After leaving Norion and losing the rest of his family to a Space Pirate attack, he became interested in Earth culture after Voyager 10 hit his first ship, the Rejuvenation. Going about the galaxy, "borrowing" things and salvaging scraps, he eventually created the Defiant. In addition to the ship's benefits, he also used his time in flight to create his Kull suit from spare parts and analyzing Chozo technology from exploration. His ship was corrupted with Phazon during the GF siege of the Space Pirate homeworld (The enemy of my enemy...), and his ship was not affected by the destruction of Phaaze. SA-Xophone(Alto) later attacked him when he stopped on the BSL station to make some repairs, and fled to Bryyo to remove the X infection on his ship, which proved to be successful. He now spends time on Toshi station getting power converters wandering the galaxy in search of more items to "borrow".

Pretty much, his ship takes all the disease-like things while Kip himself is fine.

Suit Name: Kull Suit
Kip Goggins 600px-Kull
Suit Type: Medium-armor Chozo-like hybrid
Weaponry: Dual pulse cannons on both arms, Retractable blades, Enhanced space jump, Grapplebeam
Shielding: Hazard/Heavy Shields

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: U.S.S. Defiant
Kip Goggins 300px-USS_Defiant_firing_quantum_to
Ship Type: Defiant-Class vessel
Weapon Systems: Pulse Phazon Cannons, Phazon Torpedoes (20)
Attachments: Tractor Beam, Deflector Shields, Ablative Armor, Phazon-corrupted Generator
Registered to the Name of: Kip Goggins
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Kip Goggins
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