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Player ID: MetroidianPrime
Character name: Radiom
Race: Genetically engineered super solider
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Appearance: The face is almost that of a space pirate but it glows like the rest of his body.
Known Languages:none but a speaker on his suit allows an unknown person to talk through it.
Faction/Organization: X-over
Alignment: evil
Personality: serious and insane
Strengths: minor regen from radiation
Weaknesses: ranged attacks
Dislikes: the GF
Equipment: A sword like attachment was engineered to his body. He has some poison on the blade that will knock out the victim temporarily, He only uses it if he wants to genetically engineer He/she/it.
Character History: Was once the famous galactic federation scientist Richie Dubman who gained fame from stealing patented and unfinished work from Sally Mere. He stole the weapons enhancement calibration system that allows control over the power of a blast. He then betrayed the galactic federation and joined X-over that made them as dangerous as they are today by making a breakthrough in genetic engineering technology. though the unknown person infused Radiom's body with Radium that makes his body glow to an extent that Radiation is emitted to a fatal rate every hour. He shall never remember anything that he did in the past because of this.

Registered to the Name of: Radiom


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