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 Mil'stra Strincel'a

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PostSubject: Mil'stra Strincel'a   Mil'stra Strincel'a Icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 6:25 am

ID Name: Commander7890

Character Name: Mil'stra Strincel'a (meaning The Bloody-handed world-eater)

Race: Hunter Ing

Physical Description: A three story-tall mech with black armor plating and a crimson glow to its eye sockets. It has a giant arm-cannon on the left arm and a giant sword glowing with dark energy in the right hand.

50,000 Space pirates for battle. approximately 200 are Berserker knights, 200 are shadow pirates, 500 are commandos 2 are commanders, the rest are all normal troopers.

100 space pirates for research.

500 space pirates for general metallurgy and equipment creation, including weapons, armor and equipment.

A large fleet consisting of three destroyers, a battle-cruiser five frigates and 50 fighters.

Intentions: To destroy all life, particularly the Galactic Federation first.

Technology: High powered plasma weaponry, making shots that are much stronger than their normal rounds but as consequence need to be reloaded and replaced more frequently, this is for the pirates. The ability to make powerful un-manned mechs with heavy armor plating.

Abilities: Cannon fires concentrated blasts of pure dark energy which is not a sticky and corrosive substance like a dark commando's arm cannon fires, it's just a highly destructive energy. Can fire in either a single blast or three second long beam. (Note: Both shots have to charge first before firing, which gives a good warning of when it's going to fire.)

Sword can cut through most substances directly, but when it hits the ground from a strike it can create a shockwave of dark energy that can be jumped over.

Despite the controller of the mech being a Hunter Ing, the mech is too large for him to use the phase ability.

Has small turrets on his body that can fire small globs of dark energy similar to how a dark commando can, however, these turrets take up energy for targeting and ammunition, and as such other weaponry can not be used while these turrets are online.

Number of players required to fight: 3

Personality: Mil'Stra is very destructive and blood thirsty, always wanting to kill the next thing he sees. Has a large ego and loves to instill fear in his opponents.

History: Mil'Stra was also a survivor from Dark Aether. He stayed in the mountains, until he happened upon some unfortunate Space Pirates, which he killed and found their ship. Killing a portion of its inhabitants, and forcing the survivors to do his bidding through fear and strength, he gradually used their ship to raid other pirate ships and gain more followers, doing this for several years until he had one of the largest fleets and armies known.

He than lead many operations of raiding Federation technology, compounds and phazon mines in order to create a large mech with a durable metal and red phazite plating. This plating seems impenetrable, but in fact the workings inside absorb heat rather easily, meaning that after enough heat exposure the platings in that overheated area expand outwards to perform a quick air-cool on the inner workings, making it vulnerable.

Now, Mil'Stra has lured a large group of federation troops to attack him on Tallon IV, using his superior fleet to keep the federation from fleeing once they've landed, where his superior numbers and power would destroy the federation numbers on the ground. if he successfully destroys this force, than it would be a very crippling blow to the federation. Despite these numbers, if Mil'Stra were to fall than the entire pirate force would be thrown into chaos, fighting amongst each other for dominance even in the battle in space, which would overall give the federation the ultimate advantage.

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Mil'stra Strincel'a
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