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 Metroid Prime Pinball

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Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura
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PostSubject: Metroid Prime Pinball   Metroid Prime Pinball Icon_minitimeFri Jul 16, 2010 4:22 pm

Metroid Prime Pinball is a pinball game for the Nintendo DS that is based upon the events of the Gamecube/wii game Metroid Prime. The pinball is Samus Aran in morph ball mode. To add to the metroid feel of this game Samus can use bombs and power bombs to defeat enemies that appear from space pirates and metroids to bosses that appear in the game like Thardus and Omega Pirate. If all goes well, or gets a certain event, you can get Samus out of morph ball to do a shoot out on various other creatures and use missiles as well.

My opinion:
While Metroid Prime Pinball is a fun little game to play. It does not have Wi-Fi online play and the hard mode you unlock after beating multi mission mode does not really do much. Not for me anyways. I also wanted to see Magmoor Caverns in game, not as a wireless game. With that aside, remaking the bosses for this game was well done and did add good difficulty to the game. They also kept in the good music which is always a plus. So, I like playing it again here and there.

Metroid Prime Pinball SamusVsSheegoth

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Metroid Prime Pinball
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