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 Balthius Zephania

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PlayerID: SirEddy
Character Name: Balthius Zephania
Race: Human
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 2
Weight: 225lbs

Appearance: Bald, face, head, and majority of body covered in burn scars, a breathing apparatus is integrated into his throat, filtering air straight down his windpipe and to his lungs. Has various mechanical pieces integrated into his body to assist in his movement and also to replace functions of several damaged organs, such as liver.

Alignment: neutral, mercenary for hire

Known languages: "English" (or however the standard language is referred to)

Personality: Impartial, blunt, sluggish outside of combat, pyromaniac, relentless and ruthless, Pyromania will sometimes take over often during battle resulting in him aimlessly burning anything he can

Strengths: Severe damage to nerves have rendered his pain reflex inoperable, mechanical parts increase his stamina and endurance, breathing apparatus prevents toxic and poisons require inhalation to be ineffective, prosthetic kidneys and liver increase his resistance to poisons as well. Excells in CQB. Can make use of other Federation weapons if need be. The heat produced by his weapon will also regenerate his suits energy supplies at a slow rate.

Weaknesses: due to lack of pain reflex he is unable to notice injuries, lack of allies leaves him in solitude out of combat, plus his lack of loyalty makes it difficult for him to maintain allies to begin with. White Star's effectivness begins to decrease at about 150 feet, unless gun is switched to afterburner mode. Has no long range capabilities other than weapons he picks up, though he still is very weak in his skill of shooting past a range of 150 feet.

Likes: Fire, watching anything burn, planets densely populated by combustible objects and materials. Desert Worlds.

Dislikes: Anything that is difficult to or won't burn, whiners

Equipment: Mechanical Prosthetics, Suit and weapons included with it

Character history: An Ex-Federation Shock Trooper, is a veteran of many battles and skirmishes against various races. His Family line is filled with many generations of Federation troopers, dating back to his great-great-grandparents, most everyone, minus his little sister, having been members in the Federation military in some way. He dedicated his life to the service in an attempt to create a safe place for all people to live. Took his position as a shock trooper so he could be on the front-lines with his only intention being destroying his enemies completely.
On his 24th year in the Federation, a botched drop ended with him being encased in a burning drop-pod, where he suffered extremely sever burns that would have been fatal, but instead Federation medics proceeded to save him with the various prosthetics that covers him now. He would continue to serve in the Federation as a shock trooper, though his near death experience convinced him the cleansing powers that fire wielded was the solution to creating a peaceful world. However, his extreme desire to burn all things he determined to be impeding the path to peace put him on bad terms with the higher-ups in the Federation and eventually he was discharged from the services. Ever sense he has begun his aimless wandering of the galaxy, putting himself as a mercenary solely to gain money, but his soul goal is to cleanse the entire universe to create a perfect peace.

Suit Name: X-37 Pyro-Trooper Battle Suit
Suit Type: Federation Pyro-Shock Trooper Armor

Weapons: White Star Long-barrel, A gun attached to his suit of armor that can fold back to allow movement of his hand, Weapons fires extreme waves of heat that reach temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius. Can switch White Star to a mode called Afterburner mode where the heatwaves can double in temperature and range signifigantly increases, however this mode rapidly deteriorates the heating coil that makes White Star work rendering his gun useless in a matter of five minutes (only if the heating coil is fresh)
Another weapon is a energy blade attached to other arm for CQC

Shielding: Extreme Heat Shielding, suit is able to absorb thermal energy and covert it to usable energy for the suit though regen rate is dependant on amount of thermal energy in the area, meaning the hotter the area the quicker his energy supplies will regenerate. Though tempartures exceeding 5,000 degrees Farenheit will still begin to drain shields and damage suit. Also Has standard shielding to protect against attacks.


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