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PostSubject: Nexxus   Nexxus Icon_minitimeThu Sep 23, 2010 10:31 pm

Player ID: Samuel Redford
Character name: Nexxus
Race: Cybernetic
Gender: Male
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 0.5 Tns. (1000 lbs)
Appearance: Large bipedal humanoid, large metallic shell; colors are cobalt black with neon blue lights running in a cybernetic pattern up and down his body; Weapons are mounted on forearms in a fashion that when activating them they slide onto and close over his hands.
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Known Languages: All known languages
Faction/Organization: Bounty Hunter
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Cold, silent
Strengths: High physical strength, stealthy
Weaknesses: Electric- based attacks
likes: --UNKNOWN--
Other: Subject appears to be machine- like.
Equipment: Exo- suit
Character History: (Working on that...)

Suit Name: Nexxus EXo
Suit Type: Exo- suit (not much different than his actual size)
Components: Short- Burst thrusters on back, X- ray and Thermal scanning equipment, ship command gear (visor/ waypoint tagging systems in cannon)
Weaponry: Twin sonic laser cannons (think 'Nova Beam', but blue), energy absorption system, EMP, Energy blades from cores of laser cannons, missile systems that launch up to 5 missiles from back.

Ship Name: Command Center (Changed the name of the ship, too...)
Ship Type: Assault cruiser
Weapon Systems: Energy beam/ laser systems, drone ships (25- can be rebuilt)
Attachments: Cargo doors, Stiletto- class fighter, Deployable phazite plating.

Ship Name: Dusk Striker
Ship Type: Stiletto- Class fighter
Weapons systems: Twin beam cannons linked to pilot's personal weaponry, Missile systems
Attachments: Relay between Command Center and ship, remote control of deployed drone ships, EMP grenades.
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