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 ChatBox Rules

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Ryo 'Wraith' Kilepura
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ChatBox Rules Empty
PostSubject: ChatBox Rules   ChatBox Rules Icon_minitimeSat Oct 02, 2010 1:04 pm

The Chatbox is a privelige. Things get too out of hand. It will be taken away.


1. Reduce swearing to a minimum. They can be used, just not too much.

2. Respect other people and their opinions. We all have different views, so just deal with it.

3. No porn or hentai allowed. If I see any signs of this anywhere, you will be banned without warning.
Only goes for pictures, if you have a questions ask one of the Admins or Mods.

4. No advertising anything on the site. All advertisements will be removed, and the profiles will follow their fate. If you wish to be an affiliate, then apply for it in the affiliates section.

5. No spamming other members to join your site. It gets annoying.

6. DO NOT bring drama from your life onto the ChatBox and/or blame someone else. It will NOT be tolerated. Don't be an asshole. Things like poking at other members to make them get agitated or starting fights will lead to a chatbox ban.

7. Give people a chance to speak and no one two word multiposts.

Basically is the same as in general rules, but reminders never hurt.

ChatBox Rules SamusVsSheegoth
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ChatBox Rules
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