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 Alexander Howard

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PostSubject: Alexander Howard   Alexander Howard Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 7:22 am

Player ID: Cizin
Character name: Alexander Howard
Race: Caucasian Human
Age: 11 (as of Zero Mission, 14 by Metroid prime)
Gender: Male
Height: 4'11
Weight: 90 lbs
Out of armor; Alexander has straight golden blond hair with obvious banes, indigo-blue eyes, high cheek bones, somewhat tanned skin, and a short nose. He's quite muscular for his age, but is still rather lean.
In Armor; Alexander's armorsuit has faded green paint with the same hue as old U.S Army helmets. The Armor's pauldrons are flaring but are otherwise flat like those of Samus's Basic powersuit. Notably, the armor suit has a gas-mask like apparatus on it in addition to a headlight.

Alexander Howard 1700249788475753_l
Known Languages: Galactic Basic, also known as English. Speaks several dead languages such as Russian, German, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, and Icelandic. Understands Space Pirate, Kriken, and Chozo.
Faction/Organization: Sector Omega-39 plural XX refugee fleet.
Alignment: Lawful good
Personality: Alex is generally cheerful and outgoing, but this hides the fact that he has been deeply traumatized by the outright obliteration of his home sector and the death of most of his friends and family. When pressed, he becomes bitter and sarcastic; showing a wisdom not typically found in people his age. He tries to help people in need; but is often overwhelmed by his surroundings. He has a strong scientific streak, and loves to tinker with mechanical devices; though he is interested in biological affairs as well. He is very protective of what tattered remains of his old life he still has left.
Strengths: Good shot, very intelligent, Psion (mental powers), powered armor.
Weaknesses: Childish, immature, inexperienced with Psionic powers.
Likes: Machines, Animals, being with friends and family.
Dislikes: The Vik'kri'xik.
Equipment: EXPA-947 Alpha armorsuit, Many weapons
Character History: Sector Omega-39 plural XX was first colonized by humans long before the start of the Federation by the United Kingdom and the rest of the British commonwealth when FTL drives were made available deep in the recesses of human history, following the example of virtually every other developed nation on Earth; who were all eager to claim as much of space as possible now that the stars were well within their reach. Like most of these early nationalistic colonies; they were absorbed into the Galactic Federation soon after the Earth itself was brought into the Daiban based organization; though the sheer distance between it and the two hubs of the federation; Earth and Daiban, made the colony more or less independent and free to continue the development of it's own separate culture.

Soon after the Infamous K-2L raid; the Federation decided to tighten it's grip on it's fringe colonies to prevent another Public Relations disaster on the same scale; though again the sheer distance between Sector Omega-39 plural XX and the central federation worlds made it difficult for this to take effect. Alexander was born on the planet of Neo-Britannia to James and Katrina Howard, James being elected governor of this sector; seven years after the birth of Samus Aran; the planet being named after the home island of the homesick colonists. His people cherished their autonomy and had developed advanced armor and weapons technology largely on their own; using this technology to fend off the few Kriken and Space Pirate raiders that bothered to go to what was essentially the arse-end of nowhere in cosmic terms.

He led a fairly normal childhood until the age of 10; where the Federation's mandate of increased security finally took effect on Sector Omega-39 plural XX; trillions of federation Army and Marine soldiers and millions of ships were deployed across the sector; but this drew the attention of an ancient and belligerent species that had long called that stretch of the universe their own; the Vik'kri'xik, who had long taken up a stance of isolationism, but were seemingly enraged by the presence of an foreign standing military in their own territory.

In a lightning campaign of genocide, the Vik'kri'xik shattered planet after planet from orbit, their vastly superior technology easily defeating anything the Sector Omega-39 Militia or the Federation military could put up; especially as the Vik'kri'xik possessed the advantage of total surprise. Finally the Vik'kri'xik fleet reached Neo-britannia; a planet that Alex and his family and several dozen million others had just barely managed to flee. Rather than occupying the planet, the Vik'kri'xik bombarded it from orbit until it was totally destroyed to the horror of the Refugee fleet as they watched their once cherished home world suffer total destruction at the hands of the "Eye of the gods" device, which completely blasted the planet's crust, mantle, and outer core apart and so heated the inner core that it was totally vaporized.

Strangely; the Vik'kri'xik Armada allowed the Refugee fleet to flee the sector; deeper into federation space. Now Alex was without a home, drifting across space; still as was tradition, Alex was given his armor suit on his eleventh birthday as a coming of age ceremony; along with various other weapons, many of which were only given to the children of governors.
Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: EXPA (experimental power armor)-947 Alpha.
Suit Type: Militia combat suit
Weaponry: No built in weaponry in unmodified form, an EXEW (experimental energy weapon) Plasma Pistol, an EXWA-76 Plasma Rifle, several kinds of grenades and land-mines, and a missile launcher.
Shielding: Equal to varia suit's.

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: Helix
Ship Type: AT-9 (Attack transport-9)
Weapon Systems: frontal Plasma cannon dual missile launchers, energy bomblet geberatir, and a rear mounted laser cutter.
Attachments: Cargo-bay, room for 25.
Registered to the Name of: James Howard.


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Alexander Howard
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