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 Heliag / Boan

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PostSubject: Heliag / Boan   Heliag / Boan Icon_minitimeTue Dec 14, 2010 1:23 pm

Due to these two being sole partners and one can't really be used without the other, I'm going to post both applications here. I hope you don't mind!

Player ID: FissionMetroidee
Character name: Heliag
Race: Space Pirate
Age: 65 human years
Gender: Male
Height: 8'4"
Weight: 233 LB, most of his weight attributes to his body mass
Appearance: Heliag is rather tall, towering greatly over many creatures. He looks greatly like a Space Pirate Trooper, with reinforced armor covering his arms and legs. He has a sword arm, which also doubles as a gun. His sword arm, which is his left arm, is slightly dull from overuse, though it is sharpened from time to time. His right arm is free, being a clawed hand instead. He has amazing upper-body strength from countless years of training and working for the Space Pirates. He also has strong legs that will carry him far distances.
Known Languages: Space Pirate, Chozo, enough English to communicate with a human
Faction/Organization: Used to be part of the Space Pirates, but now freely roams as a secretive bounty hunter with his partner, Boan.
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Heliag is an old and hardened Space Pirate, with the scars to prove it. He helped in many missions that he was told to assist. Due to this, he has a great sense of pride and sometimes brags about his adventures. He is normally traveling alone if he can help it, but with Boan around, solitary is nearly impossible. He is not rather expressive of his emotions, and prefers to stay cold and quiet if he can. Sometimes, this leads him to have a rather robotic-type voice following his somewhat stiff, but expressive gestures.
Strengths: Has great physical strength, and has years of skill and training on his back.
Weaknesses: Has a few old injuries on his leg and arms, and if hit in those areas, he can be crippled. As well, traumatic experiences concerning his dead allies can bring him down a few levels.
Likes/Dislikes: Heliag enjoys a good, stiff drink when he's not working, and he also enjoys using various life forms as "target practice." This may or may not include cloned Metroids./Heliag doesn't exactly like Boan, even if they are friends. He also dislikes anyone going against his commands, even if he isn't the leader. He has a natural dislike for Samus Aran.
Other: He used to want to be a commander for the Space Pirate army, but has since given up on that dream.
Equipment: Heliag uses his sword arm for various things, but keeps use to a minimum. He slings a bag around him, carrying vital supplies consisting of food and water for long, time-consuming missions and any mission-important items. He wears a translator that allows him to communicate with other creature easily, seeing how Space Pirates cannot speak other languages very well. He also wears Bendenzium armor. This armor can be found on his helmet, his lower body, and on his arms and legs to try and negate his weak spots. Heliag wears cup-shaped hearing aids, as his hearing is sub-par.
Character History: Not much is known about Heliag, and not many Pirates care to think or remember anything about him. He was a successful Pirate, however, especially when he was younger. He was trained with the other Pirates, but he personally shined, nearly acing most of the courses. He moved quicker than the others, he hit harder than the others, and he was much more stable. He was liked by his superiors. And as such, he prevailed his training quicker than the others, and moved on to become a true space pirate. The years following afterward were harsh, with encounters with the Galactic Federation and even Samus Aran herself, but he never got to see the bounty hunter in action; he was always narrowly escaping death when he could. This didn't always go over well with the Commanders, and sometimes they even threatened Heliag with a humiliating death. But, the threats weren't carried out, and eventually his records of cowardness faded.
Heliag was called up one busy day, and shoved his way was a young Space Pirate named Boan. The scientists told him to train the young one so that he becomes a faithful weapon for use upon the battlefields. Heliag did as he was told and tried to train Boan through punishment, missions, and frightening experiences. He tried to harden up the little one, as he himself had been hardened up. Through these experiences, he and Boan grew closer as partners, and even became friends. However, Heliag could not reach the goal he was set up to do; turn Boan into a real, faithful Space Pirate with enhanced physical abilities. This called for Boan's extermination, but Heliag wouldn't stand for that. He had grew too close to the experiment to let it die. Though he knew he could die if he enacted treason, he stole the experiment and took up to his ship, which he had built with knowledge from Science Team. He flew away with Boan, and was nearly killed quite a few times in his escape, hadn't it been for a Galactic Fed ship intercepting the pirates. Heliag and Boan flew off, somehow avoiding the detection of the Fed ship, and ultimately the duo decided to become Bounty Hunters. They had to be near silent about it, however... the universe didn't generally accept Space Pirates, especially not Bounty Hunters.

Ship Name: Areuban
Ship Type: Transportation Ship
Weapon Systems: There are two weak cannons at the front and the back of the ship, to give some protection from outside.
Attachments: It has plenty of shielding on the outside, but leaves the inside wide open for weapons like bombs.
Registered to the Name of: Heliag


Player ID: FissionMetroidee
Character name: Boan
Race: Space Pirate
Age: 24 human years
Gender: Male
Height: 7'8"
Weight: 225 LB, most of his weight attributes to his body mass
Appearance: Boan is a tall character, however he is short for his species of Space Pirate. He hones a sword for his right arm. He rarely uses it, however, so it is crisp and sharp, albeit a bit grimy from misuse and neglect. His left arm is free, with a simple hand. It has worn-down claws on it, so the most it could be used for is strength. His arms and upper body definitely have some muscle mass to them, but are not used as much as they should be, so Boan isn't always up to the peak of his strength. His legs are strong as well, and can carry him long distances in a short amount of time. He can't run too long, however, as he quickly runs out of energy.
Known Languages: Space Pirate
Faction/Organization: Used to be part of the Space Pirates, but now freely roams as a secretive bounty hunter with his partner, Heliag.
Alignment: Neutral
Personality: Boan is a rather bubbly sort. He is an unusual space pirate, and shows a wide assortment of emotions. He is mostly seen with a grin on his face (or as much of a grin as a space pirate can manage, anyhow) and a happy-go-lucky attitude. However, there is another side to him; his instinctive side. This is only triggered when he is faced with an extremely dangerous situation, and once it is triggered, he goes all out. He acts like a real space pirate, though he has no strategy, and instead resorts to lashing out. Once the problem begins to cease, he flees, leaving anyone else left to fend for themselves.
Strengths: Has great physical strength, and is rather quick on his feet.
Weaknesses: Is easily hurt emotionally, and more often than not withdraws from fighting if he can help it. He also fears the water, as he cannot swim.
Likes/Dislikes: He enjoys playing with and talking to his partner, Heliag, as well as working on any tasks given to him./He dislikes seeing blood drawn, and is a bit squeamish if he's not in his "instinctive" mode.
Other: N/A
Equipment: He typically uses his sword arm for a variety of uses. He also carries around a bag of vital supplies consisting of food and water for long, time-consuming missions, a long-range paralyzer pistol for Boan, and various weapons that his parter, Heliag, deems required for the mission at current. He has a translator around his neck that allows him to speak a few languages, but he doesn't understand how it works or how to use it, nor does he know any languages other than the language he was taught. It's practically useless, but his partner forces him to wear it anyway.
He wears Bendenzium armor. This armor can be found on his helmet, his lower body, and his arms and legs.
Character History: Boan was born in the depths of a research lab upon one of the Space Pirate's homeworlds. He was created from the cloned DNA of a Phazon-infused pirate, intended to be an experiment to make pirates that were not directly affected by Phazon. The scientists hoped that, through this process, they could get a strong Space Pirate that was not severely affected by the negative effects of Phazon. Immediately, testing seemed to be moving along well. Boan SEEMED to be growing normally, with normal brain activity and stable health. As he grew from an embryo, however, problems started to arise. At the time, however, they didn't seem to be veering off into something dangerous, so careful watch continued. When Boan was of age and could walk around and do simple actions on his own, however, it was discovered that his personality was... unlike the rest. He was rather human-like in his qualities, not what the Space Pirates were expecting. He had many emotions that he expressed easily and quickly, and he was... not very smart. The scientists were disappointed, but upon placing Boan in a dangerous situation, he began to show off his physical powers, which were surprisingly strong. It only seemed to happen in dangerous situations... but the scientists were certainly impressed. There was some debate about him, but in the end they decided to keep Boan... for a while. They wanted to coax the experiment into these fits of strength. They did this by assigning a partner to him. This partner was Heliag, an old and hardened Space Pirate. They had Heliag promise that he could coax out another side to Boan, named his instinctive side, so that they could use him in combat. The two became permanent partners, and even friends as they worked together on missions. No matter what, however, Heliag could not do what he had set out to do. His failure with the experiment meant death for Boan. However, Heliag showed pity for the young one, and instead took to his own ship that he had built himself and flying it elsewhere in the universe. From then onward, the two became partners in crime, and ultimately decided to become Bounty Hunters. They decided to remain quiet about it, however... the universe wasn't very particular to Space Pirates, especially not Bounty Hunters.


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Heliag / Boan
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