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 Captain James Charon

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Hiraito Kilepura
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PostSubject: Captain James Charon   Captain James Charon Icon_minitimeTue Mar 24, 2009 12:23 pm

Player ID: Hiraito Kilepura or Rildok
Character name: Captain James Charon
Race: Human
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 235 lb.
Appearance: strong build, brown spiked hair, blue eyes
Known Languages: English
Faction/Organization: Galactic Federation
Alignment: Good
Personality: smart, strong willed, patient
Strengths: strategical tactics, ranged combat, uni-handed
Weaknesses: melee combat
Likes/Dislikes: strategics, sniping, giving orders/plans fall apart, melee combat
Equipment: Combat suit and combat equipment
Character History: Working on it.

Suit Name: JCX-98
Suit Type: Combat Suit
-> precision sniping beam (like the imperialist)
-> auto targeting multi-shot
-> Storm Falcon - A highly charged sniper beam shot that pierces and then explodes, it takes a minute to recharge another shot
-> standard assault rifle built in arm cannon w/ ammunition generator
-> energy sword stored on his back
-> advanced basic shielding
-> hazard shielding
Captain James Charon CaptainJamesCharon

Capital Ship
Ship Name: The Megathron
Ship Type: Capital Class Battleship
Weapon Systems:
-> dual heavy laser cannons
-> missile launchers
-> point-defense laser turrets
-> energy pulse rail guns
-> Magna Pulse Cannon
About the Magna Pulse Cannon:
The Magna Pulse Cannon is a very powerful custom made cannon that was a top secret project only known to the crew of the Megathron. It's located in the center of the ship, between the two outer arms of the ship. It is powered by both phazon and dark matter. When used against another ship, upon impact it causes a massive explosion that goes into the ship and not out, thus causing more damage. If another ship was right behind it, it would cause collateral damage to the other ship. That is if it's aimed at the hull that isn't too thick. If hitting a ship in the front, then the explosion tears through the rest of the ship, and if it's small enough the explosion would be seen coming out from the back of the targeted ship. It's an anti-battleship cannon in a sense. The drawback is that it takes approximately 10 minutes if everything is done properly and quickly, otherwise it could take up to 15-20 minutes to cool down. Also, the ship has to be perfectly aligned with it's target for the cannon is built into the ship and cannot be moved in any way shape or form.
-> Shield generator
-> Hangars in the front of the ship
Phazon Core:
-> Used to power various parts of the ship
-> Powers the Magna Pulse Cannon
-> Generates phazon at controlled intervals
-> Top secret project that is unknown to everybody minus the captain and crew
Registered to the Name of: Captain James Charon
Captain James Charon Megathron_navy_issue_08

Personal Ship
Ship Name: The Minmatar
Ship Type: Large Armored Fighter
Weapon Systems
-> dual laser cannon
-> single ion cannon (pierces most shields, but doesn't do much damage)
-> missile launcher
l-> 15 Heat Seeking Missiles
Attachments: armored plating
Registered to the Name of: Captain James Charon
Captain James Charon Ccp_minmatar_fighter
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Captain James Charon
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