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 The Indestructible One (TIO)

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The Indestructible One (TIO) Empty
PostSubject: The Indestructible One (TIO)   The Indestructible One (TIO) Icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2009 9:19 am

Player ID: Xantospoc

Character name: The Indestructible One (TIO), previously known as Derok or Unit # 433

Race: Space pirate

Age: 258 years

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9''

Weight: ?

Appearance: A standard Space pirates, usually with LOTS of scars

Faction/Organization: Space Pirates
Alignment: Evil (or, at least, he tries)

Personality: He may be one of the worst Space Pirate existing. He is narcisistic, ambitious and anything he does is over-the-top and wants to be a feared Space Pirate, but he just has no talent nor skill. Being unable to die, he is quite reckless.

Strengths: Experience, medical skills, He can't die from anything... except destroy both the head and the heart and he is down for good

Weaknesses: ... but He is bad at all kind of combats and is Unlucky.

Likes: being evil
Dislikes: getting torn apart, Samus

Equipment: A blaster

Character History: At first an average Space Pirate, he came to contact with a radiactive Chozo artifact, absorbing all its radiation. Ridley, who wanted the artifact for himself, answered by ripping him in half as a punishment. Yet, after one years, TIO came back. Anyone was surprised about this, even Ridley himself, who let him go anyway.It was revealed that the radiation made him immortal and immune to all the poison (including X and Phazon)
Having never died, he is one of the few Space Pirates to have survived to Samus' attack (but his companion took months before finding all his pieces after the fight), and thanks to his experience he got promoted to Captain. Ridley impaled him in the stomach with the tail, yet he came back after four months. Noticiable survival were from.
- Being digested by Kraid
- Being absorbed by a Metroid
- Standing on Phaze during a certain fight between a bounty hunter and an Aurora Unit

Suit Type: A red shirt (yes, Star Trek Reference)
Space Ship: A common pirate Space ship
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The Indestructible One (TIO)
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