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PostSubject: Garalath   Garalath Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2012 7:37 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Garalath
race: metroid, queen stage
age: 12 years old (I assume that would be enough to get to the queen stage, and be about a year, year and a half into it)
gender: female
height: 5', or 6'1 (no suit, second is alt form)
weight: 784 LB or 221 pounds (no suit)
known languages: metroid and English
appearance: in her regular form (which she uses less) she looks like any queen metroid, in her alt form, AKA human form she is a young woman, just blooming into her full beauty, with sandy blond hair falling down to her ankles, a slight muscular build, a young face, devoid of the pain most older women and men carry (men included because both sexes face hardship in their lives, I'm saying she has not gone through that.)
Faction/Organization: none, if any chozo
alignment: good/metroid, as in both
personality: she has not faced the hardship and pain most people will have by any point in their life, and so given that she has a humanoid personality, she acts like a young girl when not in her primal state, in which she is a protective mother who will do anything to protect those she views as her children.
strengths: she's a queen metroid who can turn into a human form. she also in both forms-though the method is different depending on which- is a very good climber.
weaknesses: cold, in her metroid form her mouth and stomach are both extremely weak, and can easily cause her enough pain to kill her.
likes: just about anything, as long as it does not threaten her or her "children".
dislikes: anything that threatens her or her children
equipment: in her human form she has her clothing and a simple rapier made out of energy.
character history: born in a lab, she knew next to nothing about herself or anything, she quickly began growing through the stages of evolution metroids have, and became a queen in only a year. she was a smashing success in all but one category: she had a mind when she had been intended to have no mind and simply be a breeder for metroid young. She was going to be executed so that she could not do anything that would harm the group, but she overheard this and fought her way out, stole a warrior class heavy gunship from the hanger and set it to auto pilot, going anywhere that would be safe. the ship, which had an extremely powerful AI, took her to the galactic federation base on Daiban, where she was able to get excepted by the galactic federation as a galactic citizen. she found a large frigate at one point, and was able to get it fixed and registered, she has been living a mostly ordinary life since then.

alt-form: metroid queen
description: she changes to her true form and begins attacking those who are threats. she has claws and teeth.

ship: frigate of metroidy doom (that's seriously the name. I'm completely serious.)
ship type: frigate class transportation ship
weapon systems: none, relies on occupants to protect it
attachments: none
registered to the name of: Garalath

ship: bio-drive
ship type: warrior class heavy gunship
weapon systems: nearly five hundred weapons dot the hull of this ship, all seek the target out.
attachments: none
registered to the name of: Garalath


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