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 Tana Selt

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PostSubject: Tana Selt   Tana Selt Icon_minitimeSun Jul 15, 2012 5:50 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: tana selt (pronounced tah-nah selt)
race: I don't think there's a name for them. she's an entity of pure phazon.
age: 36 (as of the end of fusion)
gender: female
height: 6'5
weight: 78 pounds (she looks like any regular girl, she's just a lot lighter)
known languages: phazon, galactic standard (some).
appearance: she is able to control her appearance to some extent, but always takes the form of a young (20, 22 that area) girl with not dark, not light blue hair, and a slight tan. she has smile lines around her mouth and eyes, and is generally considered very attractive.
Faction/Organization: bounty hunter
alignment: good
personality: she acts like a happy-go-lucky girl, and so that's all anyone has to go on.
strengths: she's made of phazon, that's a pretty big strength if you ask me. she also is sane and does not need to consume phazon on any kind of basis.
weaknesses: she can easily be frozen, if she get's hit by phazon too much in a short period of time she'll go insane for a while, and she can be greatly harmed by phazon.
likes: too many things to really put here.
dislikes: not enough to put here. oy, she likes a lot.
equipment: her body really.
character history:she was born on a planet very close to turning Phaaze, with a large number of brothers and sisters, but a genetic defect made her more human than phazon (the way she was in personality and that sort of thing) and so she was kicked off of the planet by her siblings, eventually she arrived on a human inhabited planet and saw her first real human. this human was her base of form, but she changed a few things so she would be an individual all her own. she became a bounty hunter to rid the universe of evil, and has been doing so for years.

suit type: phazon/phazite plating
weaponry: she can make weapons out of phazon, as well as projectiles.
shielding: phazon/phazite/phazen (phazen is a combination of phazon and energy word wise. that is what it is: phazon energy.)

alt-form: phazon puddle
description: she never does, but she is capable of turning into a large puddle of phazon that can leave phazen as a trail that harms things if they touch it.

ship: no name (that is the name.)
ship type: hunter class gunship
weapon systems: plasma cannons mounted on front and back, two per side. (one front one back on each side of the ship.)
attachments: none
registered to the name of: tana selt


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Tana Selt
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