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PostSubject: Helix   Helix Icon_minitimeFri Dec 21, 2012 1:17 am

player ID: christen MX
character name: Helix
race: space pirate elite (elite pirate)
age: 23 cycles
gender: male
height: 9'6
weight: 340 pounds (without exo-suit), 460 pounds (with exo-suit)
known languages: space pirate, galactic standard, chozo
appearance: similar in form to a regular elite pirate crossed with the Omega pirate, but much more humanoid than either. His eyes are quite aflame at all times when conscious, though not when sleeping or in any other way UN-conscious. His skin is a dark-blue in most places, though his natural shoulder and knee plating are phazon blue, as are the tips of his claws.
Faction/Organization: Galactic federation
alignment: lawful neutral (or just lawful essentially I'd figure)
personality: A vengeful pirate, when wronged he will seek to pay his wrongdoer back tenfold, aside from that Helix is kind, as he wishes not to be like the rest of his kind, those betrayers of trust and blood.
strengths: has incredible physical strength, and a nearly limitless capacity for phazon absorption, his claws are incredibly powerful, able to leave deep gashes in bendezium and denzium, and he can cleave cordite into pieces with only a few slashes. also, like the Omega pirate, Helix can regenerate by coating his body in phazon, and he will regenerate even internal damage with enough of a phazon saturation. Helix is also quite a bit faster than other elites, given that he does not have the encumbering mass of his brethren.
weaknesses: Unlike his elite pirate brethren, Helix can not use the energy absorbing shield, and has none of the weapons that other elites do, due to having been "ejected" from the force once he began shrinking from phazon mutation instead of continuing to grow. He is also forever an enemy to the space pirates, and they will seek to destroy him with a fiery wrath that is only matched by the hatred the pirates feel for the hunter clad in metal herself.
likes: killing space pirates, paying back his dues (of a positive or negative nature), pirate rebels, those who hunt and kill pirates, and several types of food (not going into further detail there).
dislikes: space pirates, Ridley (for being affiliated with the pirates), Kraid, High Command, and everything else piratey. He also dislikes those who wrong him, and will go to incredible lengths to pay them back for their misdeeds.
equipment: An exo-skeletal plate suit made of a mixture of cordite, bendezium, and denzium, specifically made for him by the galactic federation for maximum protection, a grapple system made to be able to support his weight without putting strain on the thing being attached to.
character history: Helix was one of the last successful elite pirates after the Omega pirate had come to be, he was at first thought to be the ultimate success, hence the name "Helix", he had indeed been named after the project that gave rise to the elite pirate breed, project helix, and was given the best training that the pirates could possibly give to him, he seemed to have a nearly limitless capacity for phazon absorption, in a way very similar to metroid prime itself. But after only a few months, the phazon produced what was viewed as an un-beneficial mutation, causing Helix to lose mass instead of gain. His entire body began shrinking, but the pirates kept him on, he was still too valuable an asset. Until he began to become more human-like that is. Once that happened, they deemed Helix a failure, stripped him of his weapons, and sent him into space with only a small pod, thankfully just big enough for him, to fly with. It was presumed that he would die in space, but he was given some chance, just not much of one. Of course, they didn't intend for him to live, but they felt that he did deserve to at least have some shred of hope for survival. Turns out...he was much more adept with piloting than would have been expected, and was able to pilot the pod to an inhabitable planet, one that just happened to be under federation control, and during his trip Helix grew to hate the space pirates, and swore vengeance on their entire race (as long as they were actually a part of the space pirate confederacy at least). Once Helix landed on the planet he was discovered almost immediately by the federation, and they would have killed him on the spot had he not made a sign of peace. Over time Helix learned how to actually speak in the galactic standard, as he had not been taught how (it wasn't considered something worthwhile given that he was supposed to lead troops into battle, not converse with lesser species, especially not humans), and grew to have a strong sense of honor, he would not fight dirty in battles he had the upper hand in. In time he joined the federation, once he proved that he wouldn't betray them of course, and began fighting against the space pirate forces frequently. He ingests phazon frequently whenever able, keeping his power up and over time causing new mutations, but those are rare and unpredictable.

suit type: armor plating
weaponry: claws.
Σ Vulcan: Named after it's original wielder, Elite pirate sigma (later known as Helix), the Σ Vulcan is a powerful twelve barreled Gatling type machine gun that fires powerful shots made out of crystallized phazon coated in crystallized fuel gel, these rounds explode violently upon impact, and can put major dents in even some of the hardest materials. This weapon runs on a belt system, each belt being made of three hundred shots. Each belt, even during firing, is stored in an extra dimensional pocket made specifically for this purpose, but while it is immense, it can only hold so much matter, and only five belts can be carried around at one time.
shielding: none, relies on natural resistances (which allow for natural defense against extreme temperatures), but blocks large amounts of damage by actually blocking hits.

ship: Mjolnir
ship type: warhammer class battleship
weapon systems: twin impact cannons on the front of the ship, these react to damage to the ship's shields by increasing the power of the shots, so when the ship is at lowest power, the cannons hit the hardest.
attachments: Gungnir class laser cannon: this large laser cannon  attached to the bottom of the Mjolnir is used in place of ship missiles, and is capable of blasting through some of the most powerful materials, using heat, kinetic energy, and explosive force combined to deal the most damage possible to the objects or enemies struck by it. It has an energy limit, and therefore a limited number of shots that can be fired, but it is able to be recharged in the same way as ship missiles, energy stolen from enemies can re-power the cannon for more runs.
registered to the name of: Helix Ultimatum (Ultimatum is just the last name on the registration form, he doesn't have a last name of his own, at least two were needed for the register.)


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