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 BioTech Logistics Field Units

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PostSubject: BioTech Logistics Field Units   Thu Apr 18, 2013 1:52 am

-=BioTech Logistics Field Units=-
=--------// \\--------=
_-_+ The B.L requires infantry personnel to create a workforce of soldiers. The corporation owner is the 'Sand Fox', AKA Oliver Ford. +_-_

//NewScript:: Start
//UserInput:: Start? Y / N
//Starting Journal Script...
//Loading... 46%...
//Loading... 82%...
//Loading... 99%...

DevLog Coporation Entry #1::

Welcome. This you're at the catalog and registration for BioTech Logistics. We're looking for the following listed:
Infantry Soldiers (Including Medics!)
Tracked Vehicle Pilots
Wheeled Vehicle Pilots
Aerial Vehicle Pilots
Technicians, Mechanics, and Engineers


To join, fill out a registration form! You must have the items below to enter.

A suit which withstands the depths of space.
A primary weapon.
A long range communication device (LRC)

(Registration form requires you give us your 'resume'.)


-Ultimatum Class Carrier (x1) 4245m
-Centaur Class Destroyer (x1) 5328m
-Stout Class Deployer Ship (x30) 20m
-Upsilon Class Fighter (x5) 32m


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BioTech Logistics Field Units
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