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 planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)

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PostSubject: Re: planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)   Sat Mar 14, 2015 12:10 am

Sylix continued during randomly waiting for a chance to sneak away. Once he snuck away he would have less then a minute to get a dark weapon or else they would have him full of bullets and burnt up by beam weapons. Then a tanker ship began to fly by and someone fired right at it as it began to crash. "Shit!" Slyix shouted running away as the dark liquid spilled out.
  "Our cover is blown! The defenders know that we are bringing dark weapons!" A general said to all of the Kriken
 Slyix shut off his communicator and continued to run, but then the dark extract covered him.
  "Warning! Dark Levels over 100%! Purification Process started! Purification Failed!!!" Appeared on his visor
Sylix then fell over out cold.

When Sylix woke back up he found that he was on a floating piece of debris. "What the hell happened?" He looked around,
"Warning Dark Levels over 100%! Connecting to nearest computer network...." Appeared on his visor.
"Hacking into Kriken Computer Network..... Connecting.... Connection Complete..... Downloading Kriken Dark Energy Purification System....."
Sylix looked around around scanning the area, their seemed to be no life in the area, "Purification System Installed..... Dark Energy is unable to be completely purified without Kriken Cure. Systems can only prevent further corruption and can cut dark levels in half. Downloading Kriken Dark Weapon System....."
"Dark Beam Acquired!"
"Use is limited and requires recharge, This Kriken Version of the weapon allows rapid fire but this uses up the energy needed for the weapon and can longer cool downtime...."
"Error! Error! Connection to Kriken Network Loss! Incoming Message!"

Sylix activated his communicator, "Hello,"
"If we catch you connecting to our systems again, then we will upload a virus to your suit, track you down, and kill you. We already have some spy's to take back the suit systems you've downloaded. We have asked them not to kill you, but we didn't demand it, so be careful."
The message cut off. Sylix called for his ship, the killer oak.

The ship soon arrived but it was barely functioning. If Sylix flew it to the nearest planet then the engine would overheat and he would need a new ship. But he had no choice, "One last Ride, you lasted me for quite a while." Sylix said getting into his ship.
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PostSubject: Re: planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)   Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:48 am

(I found out I never finished my post so I went ahead and finished it, if ya wondering why Sylix survived then its because he is full of dark energy (Making him stronger and more resistant to the little explosions that went off in the building ) and he was lucky enough to be in a blast resistant building)
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PostSubject: Re: planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)   Fri Mar 27, 2015 5:54 pm

Steven Armstrong stood in the evacuation shuttle, just watching on through the window as his home planet was blown to hell, looking away after a bit. He caught a glimpse of the ship that fired at the planet, recognizing it from the news casts as an Esperian ship. "Why the hell did they attack us? Are they with those things?" he asked himself, confused by the situation. He had watched his parents and brother get torn apart by the Kriken army on the way to the evacuation shuttle.

Talon looked over to Espera, then back to the chunks of the planet. He really didn't feel blowing up the planet was the right move, especially when it wasn't a case like the Tawfret incident, it wasn't some form of infection or irreversible corruption. He was determined to really boost the Blood Dragons. Both to stop the Kriken...And to make sure he could stop the Kriken invasions before his rather Krieger-happy friend could blow up the galaxy he wanted to save.

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PostSubject: Re: planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)   

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planet L6-R, Legacy Begins (Legacy Era)
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