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 Human Colony Z-37β

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PostSubject: Human Colony Z-37β   Human Colony Z-37β Icon_minitimeSat Jun 11, 2016 11:03 am

Planet Name: Human Colony Z-37β
Planet's Moons: 94
Atmosphere: Primarily breathable (Though this changes during Chagresch, one of the eight seasons and effectively "Deep Summer", where the air is so superheated that it is very nearly converted from a gas into a plasma, as well as during Suvre, effectively "Deep Winter", where the air solidifies from the sub-zero temperatures)
Hours per day: 3,042
Days per year: 9,677
Seasons: 8
Climate: varied by season (Of which there are eight), ranging from sub-zero (Absolute, not freezing) to scorchingly close to the temperatures required to generate plasma, with humidity changing by season and unique atmospheric conditions at an almost constant pace
Dominant Environment: based almost entirely on the season of the year, each of the season based climates (Somewhere on the world at least four of the eight seasons are in effect constantly, sometimes all eight) has its own environment attributed to it, which seem to crawl along the planet with the changing seasonal position.
Gravity: 4.3G
Sentients: 14,589,724,297,415 (Currently. Fourteen trillion, five hundred and eighty nine billion, seven hundred twenty four million, two hundred and ninety seven thousand, four hundred and fifteen)
Technological Development: Perfect Cloning, high quality genetic manipulation, energy generation (Practically from nothing), worm-hole generation and manipulation, and a wide variety of others (Some of which can be seen written in "X")
Government: Neighborly, everyone helps everyone else to survive, primary supporter of the organization referred to as "X", meaning secondary military government is in place on the planet
Economy: Primarily based on barter, the people of Z-37β ignore pretty stuff in favor of functional stuff, so gold and other "precious metals" are pretty well ignored
Significant Feature: Harsh, unforgiving environment that changes slowly and constantly as the planet rotates
Cultural Quirks: every living human on the planet is the product of cloning combined with genetic manipulation, a fact which was necessary in order for the colonists to survive the planet and leave offspring. a side effect of this is that none of the humans on the planet have true primary or secondary sexual characteristics, and instead only look like they do ("Males" are slightly more heartily built, while "Females" have more pronounced curves and pseudo breasts, that don't have nipples or serve any function). This has also lead to widely accepted "Transsexualism", where in essence, someone just says "I identify with this other gender more, so refer to me as such" and it happens quite readily, as there are no real defining factors of gender anymore (I.E, genitalia).

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Human Colony Z-37β
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