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 Talon Aran

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PostSubject: Talon Aran   Talon Aran Icon_minitimeFri Jul 30, 2010 10:04 pm

Player ID: Crazyzealot
Character name: Talon Aran
Race: Phazon augmented/corrupted human with some Space Pirate blood
Age: 24 Post Fusion(Appears to be 19)
19 at the time of Project Tsume
16 at Zero Mission
26 at the time he met Arisa

Gender: Male
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 125 lb
Appearance: Dark blue eyes(which glow sometimes, usually while using his powers), blonde hair. Wears a skintight "Skull Suit" based off the technology of the Zero Suit.
Known Languages: English, Space Pirate
Faction/Organization: Space Pirates, sometimes Bounty Hunter(Almost entirely a bounty hunter Post-Fusion, with most of the Space Pirates having been destroyed)
Alignment: Neutral Evil, leaning toward Chaotic Neutral at times.
Personality: Cocky, sarcastic. Sometimes serious. Sadistic at times.
Strengths: His powers(Telekinesis, Phazon blasts thrown from his hands, telepathy, enhanced senses, healing factor, advanced combat training, some stealth training, quick fighter.
Weaknesses: His healing factor is not instant unless he's focusing only on healing, and when he doesn't focus on it, it takes several minutes. Occasionally overestimates his healing factor.
Likes/Dislikes: Combat, playing with his enemies, Arisa/The Galactic Federation, being controlled/manipulated
Other: Can be controlled by Dark Samus. Does not know of his relation to Samus. Torture expert, self proclaimed "interrogation expert". Occasionally works as a bounty hunter while having nothing better to do. Has a power that allows him to sense the life energy of living beings(After he's corrupted).

  • Skull Suit
  • Clothing
  • Two weapons modeled after Samus's Gun/Whip thing that is made to be compatible with beam upgrades and switches from a pistol to a dark blue(or another color, depending on the beam setting) beam sword, with varying damage output depending on the beam equipped. Black coloured
  • High Frequency Sword
  • Phazon Enhancement Device in his skull suit.
  • Wrist mounted comm device linked to the neural interface below.
  • Experimental Federation neural interface that he stole from a Federation lab, which he had implanted in his brain(The interface I mean, not the lab), that transmits a HUD into his vision, compatible with most visor technology. Can be disabled at will.
  • Beam weapons that he has kept: Nova beam, power beam, plasma cutter(Post fusion), ice beam.

Character History: After the space pirates attacked the colony Samus and Talon were born at, Ridley decided to take Talon with him for some reason and raised him, training him from around the age of 4-5 to be a pirate commando. At the age of 19, he was captured when a frigate he was on was destroyed by a Galactic Federation fleet. He somehow survived, and his unconscious and dying body was taken to a secret biological testing facility owned by the Federation. They decided to use him for an experiment("Project Tsume") testing the effects of phazon on humans, believing him to be a prisoner that was taken by the Space Pirates. They sedated him several times, the sedatives wearing off oddly quickly due to the initial injection of Phazon giving him regeneration, causing him to wake up during some of the augmentation surgery meant to make him able to survive the Phazon. Something in his body made him able to bond with the Phazon at the cellular level, making this surgery completely unnecessary(It wouldn't have worked anyway, considering all the other test subjects were failures). He got up during the surgery and killed the nearest scientist. The Phazon made him stronger, more agile, and more perceptive, also gaining psionic powers from the Phazon. He escaped, killing most of the Federation and failed test subjects at the facility.

He is able to keep his powers post-Corruption due to the Phazon bonding with him at a cellular level, making his body able to produce and sustain Phazon.

Post-Fusion, he works as a Bounty Hunter, never working for the Federation unless the job helps him in some way besides payment.

Suit Name: Prototype Powersuit
Suit Type: Powersuit
Weaponry: Wrist mounted energy scythe(Used as a backup weapon if he doesn't have his beam weapon)
Shielding: Reverse engineered Chozo technology and a Space Pirate hazard shield.
Other:Compatible with most technology/powerups(the exception being ancient Chozo technology). Enhances strength and agility.
Has a Speed Booster enabled, similar to the Chozo version. It has glove and boot attachments that can stick to any surface, which he can enable outside of his suit.(Both of these are post fusion)
Alt Form:Has a morph ball feature that was permanently disabled for reasons that caused the Science Team to wisely move on. Has a built-in PED.
Talon Aran SZQr7Qp

Alt Form Name:Hyper mode
Description:He changes his appearance, dark blue veins of phazon appearing on his body and face, charging phazon into any weapon he holds. This form lasts about ten minutes before he goes back to normal (He is far more susceptible to Dark Samus's control while he is in Hyper mode form due to the way he goes into it)
Abilities/Weapons: Enhanced powers(The Phazon blasts having the same amount of power as the Phazon beam, being able to lift double the amount of weight he can with telekinesis, and his healing ability increases)
Other:He can enter this either through Phazon syringes or by using the Phazon enhancement device inside his suit.

Ship Name: Storm
Ship Type: Heavily modified Pirate Starfighter
Weapon Systems: Two Laser Cannons, Two Missile Launchers
Attachments/modifications: Neural interface link, enhanced atmospheric engines, modified thrusters, extended communications range, IFF masker, lowered armor to decrease weight and increase speed in atmosphere, extended fuel cells, eject-able cockpit
Registered to the Name of: Talon Aran



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Talon Aran
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