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 Apollo HunterCrusher

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PostSubject: Apollo HunterCrusher   Apollo HunterCrusher Icon_minitimeSun Mar 22, 2009 10:58 pm

Player ID:DarkDan158
Character name:Apollo HunterCrusher
Race:Space Pirate
Height:9 Feet
Weight:13 Stone
Appearence:Is a elite pirate
Faction/Organization:Space Pirate
Alignment:Competely Evil
Personality:Strong,Evil,Pronouncing things incorrectly
Strengths:Able to fly even though he is heavy
Weaknesses:Stumbles when Running,Prefers to use a vehicle
Likes/Dislikes:Stomping Dem Flat,Flying into close combat,Melee Combat/Running,Ranged Combat,Ridley
Equipment:Wings,Built in Shoulder Cannon,Close combat fists,Beam absorber
Character History:Apollo was born on Zebes during samus's purge of the planet(Metroid 1),Fearing that he would be killed by her,Apollo's parents hid him before they were Killed,Apollo now a fierce commando offered to sell himself to the scientists who ran the Elite pirate research and turned him into Elite but with one side effect he was able to grow wings.After that he swore revenge on samus who killed his parents and started to go insane after hearing voices in his head.Later on as a elite he led a elite Guard composed of the best elites there is.Motivations,Defeat Da Federation Boys and become dominant ruler of Da Galaxy

Suit Name:Death From Above
Suit Type:Melee combat,Flying,Also serves as ship as he is able to fly
Shielding:Red Phazite Plating
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Apollo HunterCrusher
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