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 Cain - Space pirate traitor

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PostSubject: Cain - Space pirate traitor   Cain - Space pirate traitor Icon_minitimeSat Nov 27, 2010 5:28 am

Player ID: Koal
Character name: Cain
Race: Space Pirate
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Height: 8'2"
Weight: 190
Appearance: A purple Space pirate with a scar on his right eye, seems to have black scar-like patturns along his body, his build is around both strength and speed. Seems to wear clothing, despite being a space pirate, he cares about appearences.
Known Languages: N/A
Faction/Organization: N/A
Alignment: Good
Personality: He is very quiet and calm through most of the time, he sometimes displays violent rage when fighting in battle, but thats just how he rolls, he fights well with such anger that calming him down would a tough task. Overall when he isn't his calm usually self, he can often be friendly to others. He shows mercy to those willing to change there ways for the better good.
Strengths: His speed and acrobatic movements
Weaknesses: Being overpowered by others.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes - strong allies, wise fighters, anyone with a good sense of the world, training, exploring/adventuring. Dislikes - the common senseless, people who give up easily, cowards, foolishness.
Other: N/A
Equipment: a small odd device attatche around his neck that allows him to get his suit on easily.
Character History: Cain never had match of a pastlife due to the space pirates had turned him into a fighting soldier, indeed, he fought well in recent test, but the downfall was his strong resistence against orders, they tried countless times to do it, they were about to use phazon to corrupt Cain, however a bloody scene unfolded as Cain escaped while leaving a bloodpath of corpses and blood, Cain was never heard from again.
Years later after Metroid Prime was defeated, yhe space pirates wanted to create a suit thats better than Samus to make up for lossing Cain.

they lanned to to create it based on the data they had collected by watching 'The Hunter' in action when she last laid waste to there base, they began building the suit using materials that can withstand attacks better than Samus's suit, or so they thought they could. This suit was codenamed Eclipse due to its revenge enginering of defending against positive shots such as Samuses attacks, everyone was pride of what they had succeeded in creating the suit, except for one creature.... Suddenly, the base's alarm system bleered as there new base was attacked, at first, they thought it was the hunter, no, it was Cain, back after harsh training and surviving on the planet, Cain wasn't here to rampage, no, he was here to take the Eclipse Suit.

Cain had alreaddy got past most of the space pirates and had busted his way to where the suit was being held, he took the device and attatched it to his chest and pressed the blue button, suddenly Cain was covered in armour plates, but the ones over his arms and legs were light for moment while the rest protected his body, the suit proved to be effective as the space pirate's shots bounced off of it, Cain let out a smirk before laying waste to those who stood in his way, once again escaped the base that made him a fighting being. Years have passed since then, and only recent humours have been heard, the humours came true when Cain revealed himself to the world, however, it was strange that a space pirate like him would turn to the good side, but would Samus Aran approve of this? Only fate itself will decided when they meet.

Only applies if character has a battle suit.
Suit Name: Eclipse Suit. A solid black suit that covers his whole body like armour plating including light armour plates that cover his whole head, except for a squire blue viser in the font.
Suit Type: Space Pirate
Weaponry: A energy manipulating machinery-like-glove build into the palm of hands thats part of the Eclipse Suit, can control energy to turn into projectile, one handed weaponry, however cannot create big weapons that require both hands.
Shielding: Whatever he can create using the glove.

More Information: It can manipulate any kind energy, except negative unstabble energy such as phazon, dark wave, electricity, etc.

As for absorbing attacks, it can but only positive energy such light, Samuses normal shots, etc.

Suit can absorb half of the energy attack three feet away.

Glove can manipulate any kind energy, except negative unstabble energy such as phazon, dark wave, electricity, etc.

As for absorbing attacks, it can but only positive energy such light, Samuses normal shots, etc.

I'm trying my best to balance him and not make him overpowered.

Projectile: depends on size. small ones can be rapidly shot, medium are shot once per second, while big ones take a moment to charge, max size of energy can be as big as half his height.

Melee: depends on choice of weaponry.
Knifes, daggers, etc, swift but weak.
Blunt weapons such as mace, hammer, etc, are slower and below medium damage.
Blades such as axes, swords, spears, etc, are medium speed, damages between medium to strong depending on how fast it is swung, critical if swung forcefully and if it makes contect.

Only applies it character has an alt form. (Now remember, alt form technology is very advanced. Not even the space pirates know how to successfully use it.)
Alt Form Name: None
Description: None
Abilities/Weapons: None

Only applies if character has their own ship.
Ship Name: N/A
Ship Type: N/A
Weapon Systems: N/A
Attachments: N/A
Registered to the Name of: N/A


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Cain - Space pirate traitor
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