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 Aryss Drakeglade

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PostSubject: Aryss Drakeglade   Aryss Drakeglade Icon_minitimeSat Sep 25, 2010 10:57 pm

PlayerID: Sharpshot2010

Character Name: Aryss Drakeglade
Age: 16 (as of Zero mission) 22 (as of Fusion)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 116 without suit, 146 with suit
Appearance: without suit; black hair, deep brown eyes, innocent look, Hispanic skin color, very fit/athletic. uniform:Blue long sleeve shirt, black Tactical pants, combat boots. With Suit: see Battlesuit

Known Languages: English, some Chozo, little Metroid but has a universal translator only when his suit is active that translates all languages so both he and the one he is talking to can understand what each other are saying, even if they talk in languages they don't understand yet.
Faction: Federation &/or Bounty Hunters, Depending on how he feels about the current day (it means he may or may not be applying for a mission as a Bounty Hunter)
Alignment: Good
Personality: Brave, Protective, Inexperienced, VERY Intelligent, Analytical (unless something personal is involved), Humane, Patient ( again, unless something personal is involved) Trustworthy, Honest, Determined, can be fierce, & silent.
Strengths: Smart, Agile, Quick to recover, Accurate, fast, Frighteningly Focused at times.
Weaknesses: can be scared or surprised, risk taker (rare, unless parkour is involved), over protective (rare) over estimates or under estimates enemies sometimes relies on equipment
Likes study and Aryss Drakeglade 959961
Dislikes Aryss Drakeglade 426907 and Aryss Drakeglade 396106

Equipment: New armorsuit (see Battlesuit), omnitool

Character history Aryss Drakeglade 4852 :

Little is known about Aryss' origins, as they were lost in a tragedy that shook his life, born on one of the many GF starships, he was one of a few that escaped in a battle that didn't bode well to him. He is next recorded to be at the Andromeda Space Labratory, as he was learning at a much faster rate than anyone else, he was given a project, "Design a Working Armoursuit & you get to keep & use it. He completed it within 2 weeks, much to the instructors' surprise, he said it was easy, and he was given the chance to skip school to go into the Federation's ranks, which he accepted, after absolutely 0 successful missions, he became more like the young man we know today, but determination landed him in 47 successful missions, he was given a chance to promote & skip 7 ranks. He declined, & instead chose to be promoted more slowly, rank by rank, if he were to be allowed Freelancer rights & equipment. he designed the armoursuit we know today & leads us to today. He is a Commander marine & a not so well known Hunter. Also part of the ESTARE unit.

If that was terrible, tell me how to improve, & I'll do so

Battlesuit: AD3 (also called Crusader) ((AD3 means Aryss Drakeglade's 3rd suit model)

Weapons: High energy protoshere pulser (protospheres are spheres ofparticles that have both high energy & high density, bound togetherwith a protonic field, which causes the particles to run a pre-alignedpath, launched via magnetic prepulsion) Amp electricity gun, Javalin(standard) missile luancher (cap.= 20 missiles), Nitrogen, Static, & High power grenades. All weapons areinstalled in the Arm Cannon

Armor: Crusader Armor Shell Mark 3(holds up to 300 shield energy's worth of structural damage), Standard3 layer shield ((made a compromize there, so far I have 600 energyunits worth of damage intake possible), Dimentional shiftr (reducesdamage by 47% by shifting the user between the phased dimention(pasedout cannot stay in for more than 10 nanoseconds)& the normaldimention) (do the math & I have about 888 energy units of damageintake) shield energy is kept in tanks (may have more tanks than shieldlayers, tanks DO NOT affect shield layers) Armor is measured in eitherintegrity (i.e. 100% armor integrity means 300 energy's worth of damageleft, or in a shield to armor comparison with damage levels (surely Idon't have to explain THIS)

Bonuses: Acrobatic motionarticulation, strength enhancement, AMED, NED, Inertial dampener, map,Scanners & analysis, Database, & estimated distance, &distance crosshairs (target reticles)...& Life support...&universal translator...& shield overload, also, the suit has agrappler

Asthetic look: a red & white (and gray) plated& articulated airtight armorsuit with a amber rectangular visor& a rank insignia on the left shoulder, arm cannon (sometimes,other times the weapon dissolves to reveal an identical arm plating.)on right hand. ((will find a way to draw it & get it onto computerlater))

Alt Form: Emergency backup suit
A simple suit that has little shielding, high agility, & comes with a plasmic omnitool. actually an overbody shield. Plasmic omnitool has the following features: plasma saber (basically a sword made out of plasma that can cut through anything save another plasma blade), Plasma torch with cutting, welding, & burning properties, plasma knife, pulse laser, EMP, PEP,& Ionic Shock. hand held scanner included

AMED; Antimatter Enhancement Device

The AMED uses 1 of 5 Antimatter charges to enhance your weapons, which recieve the Antimatter Beam, which if it hits, will damage shields for 3 energy/second for 5 seconds. AMED activation period lasts for 30 seconds

NED; Nuclear Enhancement Device

The NED uses 1 of 5 Nuclear charges to Enhance your weapons AND shields, the Arm Cannon rrecieves the Nucleo-Pulse, a blast of free flloating nuetrons that breaks shielding apart at a rate of 2 energy/second for 5 seconds. the NED also enhances Suit mechanics all around, but lasts for 30 seconds


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Aryss Drakeglade
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